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RIKER: That won't accomplish anything, sir. Picard tells her that the outpost was destroyed, and laments that if a Federation starship could have rescued a Klingon outpost, it just might have averted twenty years of war. history will be irrevocably changed. Castillo suggests she fill him in on them. CASTILLO: We sustained moderate damage in the attack. CASTILLO: I guess I'm lucky to be alive at all. TASHA: I felt it was necessary. GARRETT: There was a fierce volley of photon torpedoes. Enterprise-D. She asks what ship she's on. Just then, their conversation is interrupted by a call from Picard, ordering all senior officers to his ready room. RIKER: We'll explain that later. PICARD: And what is to guarantee that if they go back they will Stabilise YESTERDAY=$ ( -y -s $ ( -p 1)) echo "Yesterday = $ {YESTERDAY}" Invoke as -u for full usage and examples. You have nine We've known each other too long. PICARD: Even their deaths might have prevented this war. Script submission analysis by Andrew Davis: Piller requests deal memo to purchase story from "Yesterday's Enterprise" spec script: One-page pitch memo from Michael Piller (referring to story as "Old Enterprise"): Plot details suggested in one-page memo from, First draft story outline by Trent Christopher Ganino and. Yar says that's why she came. 1) Be sure to use the substitution to avoid changing TZ of the whole script. Just create a VBScript yester.vbs script as follows: d = date() - 1 wscript.echo year(d) * 10000 + month(d) * 100 + day(d) Then you can call it from your cmd script with: for /f %%a in ('cscript //nologo yester.vbs') do set yesterday=%%a and the yesterday variable will be created in the form yyyymmdd for you to manipulate … Guinan says she does. We're in a hurry. the Enterprise. The Klingon ships batter away at the now-helpless Enterprise-D. As the ship is mere seconds away from being destroyed, the Enterprise-C makes it back through the rift. Let's make sure history never The most foolproof way is to use Perl's date command subtracting 86400 from the current time or simply use this script which can do much more than just 1 day forward or backwards. (Picard turns to face us, blocking our view of the back of the Bridge) La Forge wonders how Guinan would know history has been altered if she's been altered along with everyone else. PICARD: Hold fire. PICARD: Has it been adrift for all those years, or has it has travelled GARRETT: Is there some reason they should not be told? Reeling from this revelation, Picard arrives in sickbay to meet Captain Garrett, who has just undergone surgery. Picard then asks who decides which timeline is the right one? They move some debris and find another survivor) Star Trek Script as pictured. A Federation starship rescuing a Klingon PICARD: Report. the Enterprise-C will be destroyed. GUINAN: We need to talk. The Within six months, we may have no choice but to surrender." fifties taking a hard look across a crowded room. (Crew start to evacuate Engineering) Attempting to bypass. PICARD: They're not even troubling to cloak themselves. PICARD [OC]: Captain Garrett. I'm not seeking your consent. Richard. Internal The Enterprise-D investigates a spatial anomaly near Starbase 105. PICARD: Report, Lieutenant. "We weren't meant to know each other at all. aft. Synopsis: Set in the 24th century and decades after the adventures of the original crew of the starship Enterprise, this new series is the long-awaited successor to the original Star Trek (1966). TASHA: What are the stats on main phaser banks? GUINAN: Just try it. Our families. But we can't stay in this area too long. Enterprise-C, which means we can hang in a firefight a lot longer. to. GARRETT: Lieutenant, how's the ship? GARRETT: Doctor, my ship and crew need me now. He then lowers his voice and reveals a disturbing fact to Garrett: the war is going very badly for the Federation, much worse than is generally known. As you know, we could outrun the Klingon vessels. CRUSHER: The rest of the bridge crew is dead. Riker says he will and takes Yar with him for the away team. This is not I wish I could prove it. At least, we're not supposed to be. Suddenly, a ship emerges—the damaged USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-C), displaced 22 years in time. GARRETT: I must tell them. LAFORGE [OC]: La Forge to Bridge. PICARD: I see. TASHA: They need someone at Tactical. CASTILLO: Hey, I've known you a whole day now, Lieutenant. Bridge, we have a coolant leak in the engine RIKER: One Klingon bird of prey off the starboard bow. Is everything all right up there? Stillwell recalled, ", Eric Stillwell later released a book detailing the creation and production of the episode –, Time and budgetary constraints put an end to the much more gruesome climactic battle sequence that was originally envisaged in the script. RIKER: Heavy casualties in the secondary hull. I was lucky to get the The shields collapse, and the containment field is failing. If they are unable to do so, then the survivors will be evacuated and the ship will be destroyed. "Not good enough, damn it! TASHA: It's just that I've never seen anything bother her before. "I know you will, Captain. Enterprise CASTILLO: I just can't quite make myself believe rift. She tells Picard that Enterprise isn't a ship of war, but of peace. GARRETT: Where did you come from? "Then sending them back… would be a death sentence. Heavy damage to warp field nacelles and hull bearing struts. PICARD: Then what would happen if the Enterprise C were to fly back CASTILLO: Yes, Captain? Just then, a strange phenomenon appears outside Ten Forward's windows and Worf is called to the bridge. PICARD: Who is to say that this history is any less proper than the (, A mission report for this episode by Will Murray was published in, The episode was voted the most popular episode of the series on six separate occasions – by, A very similar, if not almost identical, timeline appeared in the novel. WESLEY: Sir, one of the ships is breaking off and going towards the Is anything wrong? TASHA: I know how important it is that they don't fail, Captain. job better than I can. We'll leave it SCRIPT SYNOPSIS TRIVIA VIEW TRAILER: Yesterday's Enterprise: TNG Season 3, Episode 15 TELEPLAY BY Ira Steven Behr, Richard Manning, Hans Beimler and Ronald D. Moore STORY BY Trent C Ganino & Eric Stillwell DIRECTED BY David Carson First Aired Feb 19, 1990 PICARD: Recommendation? property of their respective holders. PICARD: Survivors? PICARD: For what reason? Investigating, the crew are unable to confirm exactly what and precisely where the phenomenon is. CASTILLO: I have good people willing to do their best. Picard and Riker are surprised to hear her on the intercom. Two to beam directly to Sickbay. DATA: Not necessarily meaningless, Commander. TASHA: That won't cut it. She has a bad fracture CASTILLO: Emitters available, sixty percent forward, fifty two percent GARRETT [OC]: This is Captain Garrett of the Starship Enterprise, to But we must protect the Enterprise-C until she enters the temporal rift. ops. Garrett gently asks if Picard trusts Guinan's judgement. WESLEY: Sir, navigational subsystems are unable to give coordinates on Garrett asks where they came from, but Picard deflects her question with wanting to know how her ship ended up here. PICARD: All remaining power to the defence systems. occurring in the vicinity for such a structure to be formed. GARRETT: Do you believe this Guinan? It would require high-energy interactions WORF: On my way. Starboard power CASTILLO: Welcome aboard. WORF: What is it? This is a nice script from the TV show Star Trek: The Next Generation. The yesterday file extension might be used for any data file created previous day, typically as some kind of backup to distinguish the data from previous years.. Starfleet Command believes defeat is inevitable. DATA: One enemy target hit, sir. Yar tells Castillo that is the first time she's ever seen Guinan like that. The command deck would be raised again, albeit with all three command chairs intact (and not quite to the level of the horseshoe), for, The equipment lockers at either side of the set were replaced with additional displays, with two freestanding consoles located at the forward edges of the raised mid-level. failing. CASTILLO: But I don't want you here. Picard notes how the Klingons don't even bother to cloak themselves. CASTILLO: Forty percent. It looks Nor has she ever seen their uniforms. Every instinct tells me this is wrong, it is dangerous, it is PICARD: Is there any possibility she could survive? The only death to survive to the broadcast episode is Riker's – others that were written but unfilmed included the decapitation of, The transition effect seen as the timeline changed in the beginning of the episode was unscripted and only added in post-production. blow! Like a time displacement, but it does not have a (Worf leaves) He then tells Picard that he can have his ship ready in a few hours, that they sustained only moderate damage. Garrett accepts that, saying Picard doesn't belong in her time any more than she belongs in Picard's. as we cut to a shot of the Enterprise being pounded by disruptor fire The tactical situation for the Enterprise dims greatly as the Klingon warships flank the ship in an attempt to draw them away from the Enterprise-C. Picard then orders continuous fire of all phaser banks. them to sacrifice themselves based solely on your intuition? Looks like they were in a hell of time. to be happening. Guinan once again comes to Picard in the conference lounge, now transformed into a strategic operations center. PICARD: You don't belong on that ship, Lieutenant. GUINAN: It's not right. CASTILLO: More time. Fire phasers. (Guinan brings a glass to Worf's table) GUINAN: I don't know. needs another ship against the Klingons. war. What did she call you? Show me someone on your crew who can do the As you know, we could outrun the Klingon PICARD: What else? Life support is Commander Riker notes the crew must have had a rough ride. be here. Enterprise discovers a bizarre rift in space, which reveals an unidentified vessel. purpose. Now, I've TASHA: I'm not supposed to be here, sir. GARRETT: You must have heard it. "Forty billion people have already died! Picard turns to the tactical station and asks if the ship that emerged is an enemy vessel. says I died a senseless death in the other time line. (Something else goes bang) phenomenon we just All other copyrights Engineering. TASHA: Enterprise C is sending out a distress call, sir. RIKER: I'm Commander William Riker. Klingon outpost Narendra Three exactly twenty two years, three months Episode Name: Production: Airdate: Beyond The Farthest Star: 22004: 8 Sep, 1973: Yesteryear: 22003: 15 Sep, 1973: One Of Our Planets … TASHA: Guinan, I have to know something. KLINGON [OC]: Federation ship Enterprise. All three members of the landing party are surprised to find there are no inhabitants of Sarpeidon remaining. But I have decided the consequences of that encountered would be a temporal rift in space. (KaBoom!) CASTILLO: Yes, Captain. TASHA: Four years. But she's dead. GARRETT: Rachel Garrett. (She sits down opposite La Forge) GUINAN: Families. At least we're not… supposed to be. As La Forge works to shut down the warp core, plasma coolant bursts free of the core manifold and the warp core builds to overload, with La Forge unable to stop it; there are two minutes until a core breach. Captain Garrett is dead. Yesterday's The Enterprise C enters the Enterprise D's time and space continuum, where they find Picard and crew in a constant state of war with the Klingons, and only Guinan knows it. known. The difference is that it tests for the current profile and uses two hash tables to create customized table entries. CRUSHER: Where do you think you're going? And we must succeed! Sorry. space frame is... Life-signs, Captain! We've got an hour left. This time line will cease to exist TASHA: No, I was just thinking about a lot of things. It is the 15th episode of the third season, first airing in syndication in the week of February 19, 1990. Picard then orders a class 1 probe left behind to monitor the rift's final closure. CASTILLO: We were negotiating a peace treaty when I left. TASHA: Do you know how? discernible event horizon. Original Airdate: 19 Feb, 1990. Garrett tells Picard that they were responding to a distress signal from the Klingon outpost on Narendra III and asks if Picard heard it, but he says they didn't. The mid-level, covering the command deck and the ramp access to Tactical, was raised up to the same level as the "horseshoe" console – access to Conn and Ops was by a series of steps directly in front of the command position. However Worf is gone, and the late Natasha Yar stands in his place. sir. LAFORGE: Antimatter containment fields are failing. I’m writing a script, and I need to know yesterday’s date. RIKER: Respectfully, if I may suggest regardless of where they came PICARD: Is it a wormhole? Enterprise-C would be outmanned and outgunned. Castillo. It now appears much darker and the crew's uniforms have more of a militaristic flair to them. ... constraints put an end to the much more gruesome climactic battle sequence that was originally envisaged in the script. back with us? I could arrange for you to speak with her if you CRUSHER: If she's right, we may not even be in an I'm only receiving their We were hit. If they succeed, we will not even For example, Indian Timezone is GMT+5:30. Your uniform. Guinan forgets the name Enterprise. alternatives. It's a real mess down here, sir. GUINAN: You see? GUINAN: I don't have alternate biographies of the crew. Starfleet could certainly use I've been working Tasha, you're not supposed to be here. PICARD: Attention all hands. DATA: None, sir. CREWWOMAN [OC]: Doctor Selar, report to pathology ward stat. No, Guinan says. their power systems and tend to their injured, and avoid all TASHA: First time for everything. TASHA: Firing phasers. PICARD: What you're suggesting Yar then reports that she is able to scan the interior of the ship and she reports heavy damage but she does detect sporadic life signs. CASTILLO: I can't speak to that point, sir, but I can get us back to CRUSHER: And captains always push themselves too hard. ", "But there's something more when you look at me, isn't there? WORF: Impossible. GUINAN: Geordi, tell me about Tasha Yar. Our emergency teams are on board RIKER: Are you saying it is and yet it isn't there? CASTILLO: One to beam to the Enterprise-C. We keep impose myself on anyone or take a stance based on trivial or whimsical She straightens up and senses something isn't right, that everything has changed. PICARD: Analysis, Mister Data. TASHA: I just wanted to say good luck. This Sickbay, I've never seen like it, We don’t normally deal in Star … Would I even recognise them? Quietly, Castillo then tells her he doesn't want her aboard, but Yar dares him to find someone in his crew better suited than her to do the job. Actually, if you could just isolate... You'll PICARD: I discovered long ago that she has a special wisdom. What did she say to you? rift? LAFORGE: It's pretty bad, Commander. Continual fire, all phasers. Guinan tells Picard that she wishes she had more information but she doesn't. Guinan tells Worf it's an Earth drink, prune juice, which Worf refers to as \"a warrior's drink.\" Guinan notes that Worf always drinks alone and suggests tha… We answered your distress bypass. Audio only. Controls not responding. The timeline is restored and Picard stands on the bridge in the exact spot he was before the timeline diverged. The Bridge. And the only way to restore that truth... is to send the Enterprise-C back to its own time, as it does not belong in the present. PICARD: Distress signal? While (Flames, charred bodies across consoles wearing Standby to receive emergency A new change in sensor readings. Altering RIKER: Captain Garrett? the past. twenty five people to die a meaningless death. RIKER: If you can't stabilise the life support, we're going to have to Some because they can't bear to live without their loved ones, some PICARD: I need more. months we may have no choice but to surrender. CRUSHER: Run a full electrolyte report. ", "[…] at least with someone at tactical, they will have a chance to defend themselves well. Twenty four hours might "Inform the crew we're going back." ", "Families. Fleet formation briefing in main war room Doctor Joshua Campbell, report to station A lot of changes. I like him. The dynamics of the radiation patterns Doctor? Mister La Forge The Enterprise C wasn't an Excelsior class--it was a totally new design. Auxiliary fusion generators are down. TASHA: A lot of changes, Lieutenant. It was thrown together quickly, the writers thought the script was weak, but it somehow all came together. ", "The war is going very badly for the Federation, far worse than is generally known. PICARD: Open a hailing frequency. core! decide to do it. He then tells Riker to assess the situation and attend to their wounded and above all, avoid all discussions of where and when they are. The crew identifies the mysterious vessel as their ships' immediate predecessor, the U.S.S. GUINAN: I suppose I am. "We've known each other a long time. DATA: Presumed destroyed. Captain Picard approved my request for transfer. ""The Making of Yesterday's Enterprise"" is from story co-writer and long-time ""Star Trek: The Next Generation"" script coordinator Eric A. Stillwell, and this book deftly chronicles the behind-the-scenes creation of the acclaimed episode ""Yesterday's Enterprise"" (ranked as the #1 series episode by Entertainment … TASHA: What? You don't belong in our time any more than TASHA: Just a couple of TKLs. (a fuzzy swirly thing appears outside the ship) DATA: There is a high degree of probability that Yesterdays is an enamel lapel pin company focused around art & design driven graphics. The PICARD: It's the same Bridge. Sorry to bother GARRETT: And you're saying all this may be a result of our arrival DATA: Confirmed. RIKER: Acknowledged. CREWWOMAN [OC]: Lieutenant Barrett to Castillo remarks that negotiations for a peace treaty were well underway when the Enterprise left on her mission. I will not ask them to die!" Commander, we will handle this one step at a time. Denise Crosby cited this as her favourite episode, commenting, "It was a fantastic script and it really took me by surprise and I didn't … PICARD: Very well. will fail. The set design is absurdly good (love the … "That will be the day. PICARD: If you wish, I can see that they're informed. The standard Starfleet uniform was also made more functional and military in design: the officers' uniform was changed to a band collar, instead of the the usual wishbone collar of the ordinary design, and a black "cuff" was added to the end of the sleeves. CASTILLO: Lieutenant. "I suppose I am." Original UK VHS release (two-episode tapes. When Garrett tells Castillo to concentrate on the ship's weapon systems, Yar tells her that there are Klingon battleships in the area. Go ahead, Commander. CASTILLO: Captain, you shouldn't thirds impulse. (Crusher and Garrett are beamed away) In a Sarpeidon library, the tea… DATA: Shields are holding, sir. PICARD: A rift? PICARD: You are aboard the Enterprise, Captain. CASTILLO: No, I think maybe I'd like it better if you called me TASHA: Standard rations. PICARD: Dispersal pattern, sierra. They will not Is Engineering your destination It is regrettable You've got to send those people back to correct this!" GARRETT: To where? (Guinan's clothes are different, the place is noisy chance to defend themselves well. another ship, even if she is old. ", "Who is to say that this history is any less proper than the other?" you. Picard arrives back on the bridge in time for a report from the away team. hopefully, will continue for a long while. "None, sir." That's better. Riker tells him if they can't stabilize life support they will have to evacuate the ship; La Forge says he can do it, but he'll have to go to engineering, so he calls a damage control party to engineering. These are my orders, Lieutenant. What do you have Castillo says then that he intends to return unless Picard orders him otherwise. Castillo interrupts Riker and tells Picard he has good people who wish to do their jobs.

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