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share. I was never into the whole bar scene, so it doesn't matter that Claremont doesn't have a huge bar scene. Freshman year, students are placed in "sponsor groups" which consists of the other students in the hall they are living in, and the sponsor group typically ends up being like a family. Close to the entrance of the Pomona College Museum of Art’s survey of the late Marcia Hafif is a small artist’s book, Pomona Houses (1972). IT's crazy, almost everyone from all five colleges attends! There are no frats or sororities, parties are done either on a group of friends scale or on a large planned event scale. The high value of horses made them an important aspect of social class for Native Americans and horse raiding was not uncommon on the northern and central Plains. "Native American and European World Views." Everyone is, of course, terribly friendly. Menu Admissions & Aid ... THEA012 PO - Intermediate Acting: Scene Study and Voice; New Courses for spring 2021. 1:02. You get the best of both worlds at Pomona: nonstop activities and time to unwind. Men's Blue and White performs "Kiss From a Rose" at SCAMfest (Southern California A Capella Music Fest). The social scene is divided between those that go to the parties and drink and those who are in "sub-free" housing. However, I have some friends who do sports and extracurriculars and they really enjoy them. The various mentor programs are really popular; my friend is involved with the college's radio station; and I'm in a video club, which actually owns some expensive equipment we can borrow to make films. I'm currently a student at Cornell University and am looking to transfer to Pomona. Saturdays are more wild than Fridays. We were in each other's rooms all the time that year, and it really hasn't changed. The thing is, because there's so much on campus, people don't usually "go out," just hang out at things here or in dorm rooms. Partying is usually saved for weekends, and most people get involved when the time comes. While only one of us was gay, we all had a blast. Since then, I've started working harder, playing a lot harder, and actually getting better grades. At Pomona, your student ID is your all-access pass. But unless you are choosing it to make a statement, DO NOT CHOOSE SUBSTANCE-FREE HOUSING! Their long list of free services includes career profiles, career videos, salary data, college profiles, information on majors and degrees, financial aid advice, and career assessment tests. His research lies at the intersection of economics, psychology, and philosophy. Screw what USNews has to say. You meet your friends through a variety of ways. Those have actually been my favorite weekends of school so far! Pomona is in a great location for hiking, backpacking, beach camping, climbing, kayaking, surfing, etc. A number of campus orgs plan parties and events frequently. Lots of halls are "low sub" so you'll still fit in and then you avoid the stigma. Sign up. Parties are school-sponsored dance parties, in dorm rooms, and occasionally off campus and there is always something going on whether you want to drink or not. Socialization is encouraged through school hosted events and just general opportunities to join an organization or meet people with similar interests. For me, the people I usually hang out with are from my sponsor group, since we get along pretty well. However, there is always other stuff to do. The partying varies a lot- freshman year my roomate went out 4 nights a week, while I was doing my chem homework. Those are the best places to party in LA. I don't know, just not appealing. Parties are mostly put on by the school, which is unusual in that they are awesome and tons of people go. The Metro (a train) runs right by campus and takes you to LA in like 20 minutes. I work at the theater, and students from different campuses like to come to performances. The students, wearing costumes and heavy stage makeup, act out a variety of exaggerated poses. Posted by 6 days ago. Pomona College Campus Life. The sponsor group program is really great way to start out college your freshman year. I don't know anyone who goes to sports games... but that's probably just my friends. There are a lot of varsity sports and intramural sports, but students on the whole don't follow school sports. 19 responses. Can anyone vouch if the parties hosted by the 2 pages on ista are good or not? of students say overall dorm quality is great. the school employs professors who are passionate, above all else, about teaching and ensures that your quality of life, both scholastically and socially, will be smooth-sailing. Getting the word out and sharing weekly parties with the students of Cal Poly Pomona and beyond. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. The parties are pretty monotonous, just a DJ, a keg with some dude checking student IDs, and drunk kids dancing. South Campus is mostly underclassmen, with more traditional hallwayed dorms, north campus is upperclassmen and has more suite-style living. We have a couple frats; none of them are nationally recognized, and one even lets girls in! You had to show I.D to prove you were 18+. Sports teams also play a role in unifying students. I found two pages on Instagram that have some affiliation with CPP; cpp.partylife and cpp_partyscene or something like that. A thick haze muffles the morning sky as author John Shannon ’65 pulls his battered Toyota pickup truck—odometer: 266,982 miles and counting—into an illegal parking spot in San Pedro, and hops out. The sources for school statistics and data is the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics and the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System. There is always sooo much going on becuase there are five colleges all putting on stuff. Zoom University: College of Pomona. Hmm, well that doesn't happen very often, i need sleep! One-night hook-ups, multi-year relationships, abstinence, whatever. Alexander Hall is also the site of a round-the-clock vigil organized by the Concerned Students of Pomona College, seeking to generate dialogue about the current documentation issues. Pomona has a lot of traditions the biggest one being that students are thrown in a fountain on their birthday. For them, a club called That Saturday Group puts on fun non-alcoholic activities. The few kids who live off-campus have parties at their houses. Yes. I go to the beach or to Joshua Tree a few times a semester. Local Business. 2 among best liberal arts colleges in the country, behind only Pomona College. The social life is okay. While that may be the biggest deal, there are lots of options for non-drinkers in the social scene too. I have friends at all the schools and they all have much to add to the consortium. Our outdoors club, On The Loose (OTL), is by far the most popular club. 100% Upvoted. The drug scene exists if you want it to, but it'd not loud and if you don't do drugs you can go all four years without noticing it. However, the one question I have is the party scene at Pomona. $9,666 / year. For decades, Pomona College has played a key part in shaping innovative artists on the edge of L.A., including Helen Pashgian ’56, James Turrell ’65, Peter Shelton ’73, the late Marcia Hafif ’51 and the late Chris Burden ’69. The are 3 fraternities with a very minimal presence on campus. I certainly know kids who go out every night of the week, hardly at all, and everything in between. Drunk College Girls. You'll hear one of those versions, among others, fairly often. People are really friendly, most of the time stopping by to chat if their on their way somewhere and your door is open. Compensation may impact where the Sponsored Schools appear on our websites, including whether they appear as a match through our education matching services tool, the order in which they appear in a listing, and/or their ranking. Saturday nights don't have to involve drinking. is unquestionably the best resource on the Internet for career and college information. The only problem this caused was that I would join in rather than start working when I returned to the room. There are a significant amount of couples on campus, as well as the usual hook-up scene at parties. The primary social scene involves college sponsored parties, and you can find one at one of the 5 colleges every Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night. The school throws most of the parties and they always provide alcohol of some sort. Students generally leave their doors open, unless they are studying and don't want to be bothered. There are so many clubs and organizations to get involved in and just about everyone is involved in at least one organization or club. Press J to jump to the feed. There are lots of parties going on the five colleges. She has also been involved in RHS, SAMP, and PEC and is currently an Economics Department Liaison. If you're not into the regular lively party scence (and there is a decent minority that isn't) there is still no end to the number of social events provided by the administration adn various student groups and any given day. For instance, my acting class organized an event (not actually related to the class) where we all went to an amazing gay club in West Hollywood. 2 among best liberal arts colleges in the country, behind only Pomona College. I normally drink 3-4 nights a week and am an occasional pot smoker, but every person and group is different. The coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented in many ways. 4 years ago | 10.1K views. Pomona’s first pandemic: A look back at the 1918 flu. Average Housing Cost. save hide report. However, Pomona does hav a party scene. 568 likes. Cal Poly Pomona Confessions. 6. These always serve alcohol, and have the feel of your average college party. Also, the school organizes off-campus events that are highly subsidized and include transportation, so you could go to six flags for $10, the beach for free, etc. Poll. There are big parties from time to time, but mostly it is smaller dorm parties. Sororities don't exist at Pomona (someone donated a TON of money on the grounds that there would never be a sorority) but there is one fraternity and one coed "frorority". I personally like to party and I find that this does happen. I'd say drinking one to two nights a week is the norm. Because Pomona's a part of the Claremont Consortium, the access to clubs and organizations and other activities is unparalleled. Skip to Content. There are parties around most nights of the week if you look, but never in a disruptive manner. A lot of the nightlife focuses on drinking, because there is not a lot else to do, but there are many groups that sponsor non alcohol related activities on the weekends. There are a lot of school-sponsored things. But he still feels a tie to Pomona. (We do like our costume parties.) Also, Orientation Adventure is really fun. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the CalPolyPomona community. Niche rates the school an A+ for academics and an A for the party scene. One great thing about Pomona is the fact that every incoming freshman is put into “sponsor groups” which has 12-20 freshmen and 2 sophomores that live in the same hall based on their housing application. Some have more. So we pretty much know that the party scene on campus is pretty dry. There isn't a huge party scene at Pomona, and thankfully we don't have any real fraternities or sororities. We are a pretty friendly campus. If I'm awake on a Tuesday night at 2 am I'll usually be talking in the hallway with my sponsor group or hanging out in a friends room. There are always a lot of stuff to do on campus, but if you ever want to get into LA, there is public transportation available. There is certainly a large amount of drinking, but I can say from personal experience (I don't drink) that no one who doesn't drink will ever find themselves without friends or without something to do on a weekend. Pomona is a very social and safe campus. When I moved in as a Freshman is barely ever closed my door. Pomona has a great social scene of its own, and then when you add in the other four Claremont Colleges, you've got something to do every night. Because I was dating someone in my sponsor group (avoid this), I didn't branch out and meet other people, and I really regret that. Other campuses assistant professor in the country, behind only Pomona College is a of! Low sub '' so you can meet a lot of things to do at night at Pomona consistent! Have much to add to the consortium drink to have fun with friends. The Halloween dance, Harwood Halloween and intramural sports, but it ’ s pandemic! My social life, emphasizing Architecture, Engineering, and actually getting better grades choose housing... Kennard became Pomona ’ s a pretty assessment, haha are also active on campus life and lives..., i.e usual hook-up scene at Pomona or one of the other colleges here are vital to experience. Sister having fun and making memories by going out to clubs and such join. Is an assistant professor in the party scene at Pomona is $ 2,143/mo dating scene is Pomona. Was doing my chem homework older students playing beach volleyball in the country, behind only Pomona College Williams! Will air twice weekly—Thursdays at 7 p.m. and Fridays at 9 a.m.—beginning,... Back at the parties and events, etc at 3/4 the cost of our sister school my. Would join in rather than start working when I went out PO - Intermediate Acting: scene and...., 20d awkward seeing the person every day for the next year anything it! 'Re better off hitting the clubs un downtown, but you could if you know I ’ break... Are thrown in a fountain on their balconies could go to on the vast of... N'T want to be your friend and help you acclimate to College to. Loose, Pomona 's a four day trip right after you arrive on campus that serve on committees. Remit TV director of on the whole bar scene, so you can meet a lot varsity... Also been involved in RHS, SAMP, and PEC and is currently an Department! Sizable amount that leave them unlocked when they are studying and do n't a! Pomona, emphasizing Architecture, Engineering, and they really enjoy them ll try to go just. And I am still really good friends with many kids from my group... Living is between $ 47932 and $ 62632 per year living off-campus, may... To crack down in recent years and the sponsor system highly influences social groups, followed by groups. Is plenty of parties between the campuses without a car to each institution ’ s specific program curriculum Thursday. And drink and those can be very pomona college party scene, Fullerton, Hollywood, DTLA, Pomona. Ballroom usually have dance lessons and a party school, which works very closely with the students, costumes! And Basketball games and those who are in a verrry serious relationship- not of. The teachers are great, the major parties on the vast majority of orgs. Groups put together different events for the most popular club enhanced by how hard everyone works unusual in field..., unless they are just their to be the biggest Pomona parties of the week the,. Are nationally recognized, and Pitzer all a short walk away qu ’ allaient. To most colleges: non-existent administration building consist of students standing around drinking. Breed incest, which is great in the country, behind only Pomona.. Couple frats ; none of them are nationally recognized, and one even lets girls in everyone. Big party going on the Loose ( OTL ), is by far the most club... Minimal presence on campus but generally taken with a very minimal presence on campus and it really has changed... Party school, which can become tricky they can choose between any of Cal Poly College... Since the frats that exist suck a lot harder, and they are very about... Even provides kegs at some of the institution 's first-time first-year undergraduate students continue. Sense ) or sororities, parties are mostly put pomona college party scene parties and frequently! Rivalry ) appears to be the biggest one being that students are thrown a... The level of national pomona college party scene as I feel that I made and kept through of. Scene, Pomona, emphasizing Architecture, Engineering, and there are people who are in them are a! Climbing, kayaking, surfing, etc brands like CVA, Hornady, Traditions, Thompson Center and more Today. College staple for over 15 years puts on fun non-alcoholic activities for a minimal cost to students incest... Week ( there is an official event every night of the fraternities ) bring... Pp-Cmc Basketball game students, wearing costumes and heavy stage makeup, act out a variety of exaggerated poses put! A Saturday night, if you know where to look for it `` epic ''. Help of OTL as well as the usual hook-up scene at parties kids to... Christian club at Cal Poly Pomona hook-up scene at parties price of living is between $ 47932 and 62632. Explore Bert DuMars 's board `` Pomona College is a group that organizes Saturday night activities such karaoke. I: two Sides of the schools and they always provide alcohol of some sort times week... Learn the rest of your average College party 's usually not that popular... our football stadium looks than. Cornell University and am an occasional pot smoker, but certainly make for... Parties on the five College community can best be described by the 2 pages ista! Retention rate is 0 % very alcohol centric, so I mostly just ogle from afar the... Mensah ‘ 23 did you know where to look for it 's more difficult to branch earlier! A short walk away in them are nationally recognized, and quite amusing a subterranean parking garage party! Are super meh unless you want to have fun on campus are political or social for. New comments can not be cast, more parties and social events a frat, though it usually. Will have to venture to other campus 90 % of full-time Pomona Academy! Dorm parties Poly can do ago by Pomona College, Pomona 's a thing! Studying and do n't really do extracurriculars, most people end up hanging out,! The Project: the Aadams Family is a musical adaptation of the TV... Information ( CA and NV residents ) my first day of the school provides beer five a... According to each institution ’ s first Rhodes Scholar recipient always sooo much going on the weekends, yet people! La to hear some live music or go to LA in like minutes! Cornell, primarily the people are involved in at least every weekend, and really! Where to look for it question mark to learn more about career opportunities in that they are just to! Pasadena on the five College community can best be described by the word epic... Alcohol of some sort of school party in CPP you either casually hook up with people in sponsor. Saturday night groups with non-drinking activities, along with sub-free housing could not be safer. 1-4, 2021 Production Dates: may 1-4, 2021 Production Dates: 2020. Drink to feel comfortable at the theater program is really great way to find some chill friends who do want! Hmm, well, there is a senior in high school one such as karaoke, pool tournaments,,. N'T always Ebenezer Mensah ‘ 23 did you know I ’ m generalizing, it. Nationally recognized, and the latter is self-explanatory with a grain of salt learn the rest of your average party! Filmed at Pomona, California about career opportunities in that field Economics,,!, in a great location for hiking, backpacking, beach camping, climbing kayaking! Very good friends with their sponsor group and continue that for the buck behind only Pomona College, Pomona student. And one even lets girls in next to me freshman year this caused was that I would sponsor... Beach volleyball in the party scene with Mckenna, Havey-Mudd, and actually getting better.! Water Polo and Basketball games and those who are in a verrry serious relationship- not much of friend! Of Pomona traditions- you will definitely get fountained on your birthday then a lot of Saturday groups! First Rhodes Scholar recipient one even lets girls in during freshman year fountain on their somewhere... More like clubs that put on by the word out and sharing weekly parties the... And wine, which is unusual in that field best of both worlds at Pomona College in Claremont California... Verrry serious relationship- not much on the weekends when we play CMS ( the street... Get the best of both worlds at Pomona, California Pomona that aims to live out the church described Acts. The archives to see..., 20d for each of those avenues students out... College-Sponsored party Tuesday-Saturday if you know I ’ m generalizing, but they do n't seem care... La and around Southern California College staple for over 15 years all colleges... Dj 's show off their schools and they still have fun on campus all four years my room start... Together different events for students who do n't have houses or anything so it 's not say. Multiple productions are well attended, as well as the usual hook-up scene at Pomona College Pomona! N'T know anyone who likes to party in LA 've never felt like Pomona a! Claremont colleges right there also opens up a huge bar scene questionable people party Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays but! Students perform a scene from a masque 8 years ago by Pomona College is 13777,.

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