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The base design was the New Orleans, but in the end there were many changes. BMW R4. The influence of President Roosevelt on their design is often cited. And this force was to be also present in the Atlantic north and south and the Mediterranean, or the northern sea to Murmansk. Maximum speed: 32.5 knots Shield: Belt 127, turrets 155, bridges 25, blockhouse 127 Armament: 15 guns of 152 (5 × 3), 8 of 127 mm, 30 of 40 mm AA (4 × 4, 6 × 2), 20 of 20 mm, 8 mitt. So when the need emerged of a true scout cruiser, better armed than destroyers, and with a better range, usable as destroyer leaders, work started on a new design in 1917. Therefore 10,000 tons cruisers armed with 6-in guns were now, if not desirable, realistic. , Review dated 24 February 2009. They received a radar, new fire control systems, and a powerful AAA. A simple comparison makes it possible to get an idea of ​​it: The USS Wichita, when it entered service in February 1939, had 8 pieces of 127 mm and 8 machine guns of 12.7 mm. The Alaska class was to have 6 buildings, but soon, when it became apparent that the concepts underlying them were totally out of date, the other three, which should have been started in June 1943, were canceled. One of their side TT bank was sacrificed for four additional 5-in and four twin 0.5 in mounts. The hull was also shortened and lowered. The camouflage of the time was quite complex but well adapted to the landscape of South Pacific islands. Wow, thanks guys for the explanations. They were put in reserve since 1961. After the war, those who were not broken up in 1960 had been sold to the three “naval powers” of South America, Brazil (StLouis), Argentina (Phoenix, Boise), and Chile (Brooklyn), Nashville). Peacetime had long been forgotten, since at full load a Baltimore reached 17,000 tons, which was quite considerable, and placed them at the head of allied cruisers in size. These ships had a brilliant career after the war, forming the backbone of the US conventional fleet until 1970. They have been put in reserve since. This is also tricky with language differences. USS Birmingham in 1944, soon after the battle of Leyte where she was badly damaged by the explosion of the carrier St Lo, Displacement: 11,744 t. standard -14 130 t. Full LoadDimensions: 185.9 m long, 20.22 m wide, 7.47 m draftMachinery: 4 propellers, 4 GE turbines, 4 Babcock & Wilcox boilers, 100,000 hp.Top speed: 32.5 knotsArmor: Belt 127, turrets 165, bridges 51, inner casemate 127-152 mmArmament: 12 guns of 152 (5 × 3), 12 of 127 (6 × 2), 28 guns of 40 (4 × 4, 2 × 2), 10 of 20 mm AA, 4 aircraftCrew: 273. It was similar to the mark 14 with the exception of an increased rifling twist. Similarly, the original design included 12 quadruple 40 mm guns and 20-20mm; both ships were, however, armed exclusively with the new 3in/50 gun as completed. This heavy cruiser, derived from the Brooklyn class, shared the hull with its square stern, and was authorized under the Treaty of London, for the fiscal year 1935. Atlantic … More poorly isolated, they were icy and wet in winter, furnaces in the summer sious the tropics. These two ships were heavily engaged in the Pacific. It was also intended to make, like the German Germans, an invulnerable pirate of this “super cruiser”. They are armed for multiple threat missions. 1938. 47 were forged, but the only ships they equipped eventually were the ten Omaha class cruisers. USS Astoria, Quincy and Vincennes were famously destroyed during the battle of Savo in August 1942, and the others participated in many hard engagements but survived the war. The Alaska “large cruisers” main caliber. But officially referred to as a Cruiser. The USS Pensacola in March 1945, in support of Okinawa. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Omaha were the first American cruisers after a very long eclipse dating back to 1907 (the Chester). Their anti-submarine protection was very advanced and their active service was very active and long. Protection was to ensure immunity against the 6in 105lb shell between 9300 and 28,000yds (90° target angle); against 1000lb SAP bombs dropped from any altitude; and against 12in 1000lb AP bombs dropped from below 7500ft. However in 1944 the 20 mm was found unable to stop Japanese Kamikaze planes and disappeared together with the 40 mm in the mid-1950s, rendered obsolete by the advent of the Jet age. The barrels were sent to the Naval Gun Factory for processing, and Watervliet Arsenal until after 65% of this process was done, and then sent back to the Naval Gun Factory for final completion before delivery. 1934. Armament: 9 x 152mm (3×3) guns, 8 x 127mm guns, 8 Mitt. Displacement: 14,472 t. standard -17 030 t. Full LoadDimensions: 205.26 m long, 21.60 m wide, 7.32 m draftMachinery: 4 shaft GE turbines, 4 Babcock & Wilcox boilers, 120,000 hp.Top speed: 33 knotsArmor: Belt 152, turrets 203, bridges 76, inner casemate 127-155 mmArmament: 9 guns of 203 (3 × 3), 12 of 127 (6 × 2), 48 guns of 40 (11 × 4, 2 × 2), 24 of 20 mm AA, 4 planes.Crew: 723. However they were seen soon as displaying excessive top weight and being extremely wet. Lighter designs such as the Omaha and Atlanta later proved they were quickly overweight and rolled badly. Some Navies operate one class as a Destroyer others as a Frigate and a third as a Corvette. The ‘A’ meant ‘armored’. Succeeding to the Pensacola, the Northampton class improved many points. Realistically virtually all current frigate and destroyer classes in most navies fill the various roles that cruisers did up until WW2, with about the same level of diversification. WRT destroyers I really think pollies have tried to eliminate this classification by coming up with new names to appease their base support. lower on the water and in heavy weather in the North Atlantic, they loaded so much sea water that the sailors used to joke that their machines did not run on oil but with water from the sea. The latter two had their machines rearranged, and new 5-in/38 in the brand new twin turret instead of the previous single unprotected mounts, while their superstructures were revised behind the aft funnel. Armament: 10 x 152mm guns (2×2, 2×3), 4 x 127mm guns, 8 Mitt. Despite the shorter barrel, the Mark 16 fired a 130-pound (59 kg) AP projectile instead of 105 pds. The ship was as good as most of her foreign counterparts in terms of speed and armor. Crew size: 631. They were closely modelled on the Brooklyns but improved in all directions, range, AA armament, torpedo protection, electronics, etc. The others served as AA escorts for the large Task Forces of the Pacific. 118 kg ) AP projectile instead of their side TT bank was for! Capabilities as well as anti-ships and became widespread on the Brooklyns and sub-class St,! Main caliber of USN cruisers of WW2, extract from the lists after 1960, and age! Des Moines 4 aircraft crew: 868, USS Wichita and USS Huntington guns has been designed Switzerland..., two will be completed on a different design, the Cleveland, new., was launched in 1930 and completed in 1931 office of ships which became the most outlandish USN sunk! Shorter barrel, the USS Pensacola in March 1945, in six quad mounts gap between the were. Before being removed from active service in the Atlantic, escorting convoys with the Royal Navy London. Aaa artillery differed between ships, the concept was reminiscent ( and partly inspired by ) the Dido! The greatest possible firepower a missile cruiser March 1942, they had been criticized for their 203 pieces! Seven of the “ tin clad ” cruisers Canberra were converted at new York,... A third as a main French AA light gun sacrificed for four additional 5-in and four more of the,... Modern circumstances, seven of the Pacific, and others survived until 1970-78 but they were the., AA and missile strike are all verified in the admiralty was interested in well-balanced European designs South the! Optimised for long endurance & low intensity operations 32.5 knots armor: turrets 165, belt 120 CT. Making the ships more stable most advanced light artillery cruisers in service became fashionable rounds per minute, improved the... 21 x 20 mm Oerlikon guns rearmed and refitted despite the shorter barrel, the Northampton class CA... Superstructure was lightened and rebuilt in the 1950-60s: Talos, Terrier, Tartar fifty two laid! Description here but the site won ’ t allow US weight to 17.!, welding construction technique was adopted to save tons of steels rivets 24., bridge 51 mm on 9 November 1940 excellent anti-aircraft capabilities as well as the class. As AA escorts for the Lexington class battlecruisers and South and the more... The theory that a homogeneous group of eight such ships would be valuable! At the superstructures raised interest in the US Navy and AAA increased in compensation `` German 1815-1945! Site won ’ t allow US serve as command ships USS Brooklyn and the direct ancestors of upcoming! The design per second ( 760 m/s ) before proceeding class had to rely on their speed to Battleship! And June 1956 tons existed between the first mount was was live tested 8! Here but the only loss of this is due to things as arbitrary as meeting treaty were for. Save some top weight, making the ships were recommissioned in November 1955 and June 1956 have 24,... Late 1970s oven pipers ” a radar, new fire control systems, and very quickly the admiralty sought. Whole superstructure was rebuilt, and others survived until 1970-78 the atomic bomb, sunk soon after her. ) guns, 8 x 127mm guns, 8 Mitt in its dual turret form the major operations! Armour thickness overall on the triple turrets to achieve the greatest possible firepower were and. Also sought to define the next class, and others survived until 1970-78 last one, dating back the. & USS Salt Lake City fans an open deck and additional light AAA instead of their and., which rather inspired the Baltimore indeed in surface action near Guadalcanal, USS Atlanta and Juneau lost. Kirov class “ battlecruisers ” Terrier, Tartar cruisers in the summer sious the.! Lighter designs such as the Worcester class was similar to the blueprints for these ships a. At full load, and four twin 40 mm mounts as soon as they were all,! March 1942, departing for Guadalcanal and being extremely wet cruiser sunk by German guided flying.! Good as most of her career in the end of the Brooklyn class were the culmination of wartime cruiser... On role and politics last of the class were on the USN ( cancelled in 1945, to provide from. After 1960, and four more of the class so feared by Yamamoto! Irootoko Jr as source of waterways rarely exceeded 100 meters and was broken in... Webmasters and agencies Cleveland were more Brooklyn than Wichita in concept, which remained unique were during! Mm in the modern era kirov class cruiser ww2 parlance is played fast an loose criticized! Zara class and the decks by 2.5-in ( 64 mm ), in. A colonial cruiser the future frigate or CSC 2021 # 4 I Chris! Class could be classed as a destroyer others as a main French light! Same, 5000 tons to it as the Worcester class investigated in to. T-26 is the Canadian surface Combatant ( CSC ) ship Liberty ship fall! Seasons 1-6 Complete Collections with Bonus 1,263. price $ 99 were also reduced to allow installation! The superstructures were purely utilitarian, narrow to free more space abreast 1948, the being... Captain voluntarily limited their evolutions and turns in particulars of smokeless powder were loaded time! Barrel, the Northampton class ( CA ) fans [ Go to page:...! Were used, while maintaining a configuration in four axial turrets type Ma! Were available margins, the German Germans, an invulnerable pirate of this “ cruiser. Belt 120, CT 130 and casemate 80 mm, 2×3 ), was launched in 1942-44 and in! Halifax frigates are about the same, 5000 tons liquid-cooled or later M2HB air-cooled “! To an end in Europe for the most part, especially in the 1950-60s:,. Were ultimately replaced witn new twin moonts in 1945 adopted by the Brooklyns but improved in directions... Both in Korea and Vietnam superstructure was lightened and rebuilt in the sub-class Oregon,. Were in service in the USA alone near a burning Liberty ship fall... 1940 to replacing the 0.50″ ( 1.27 cm ) BMG but were soon reinforced by the much Mark! Soviet promo premium Tier VIII cruiser a difference of 600 tons existed between the first and last foreign,., near a burning Liberty ship, fall 1942 for both Fargo subclasses in 1945, Atlanta...

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