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Blind justice is all the rage. Pomona students are also really laid back folks and don't focus a lot on their appearance. They do a careful job selecting people on your hall whom you will likely befriend. By senior year, chances are, you won't even notice the lines as you're stepping over them. But there are also politically conservative students, international students, sports bros, gamer nerds, and people from many different backgrounds and with many different ideas. etc. Pomona promotes and encourages diversity. Pomona College announced earlier this month that it plans to furlough an unspecified number of employees starting on October 1 due to a budget shortfall of $37 million. Pomona's politically correct climate is intensely stifling - especially if you come from a big city that's diverse enough to prime you against culture shock. Square I Gallery #14 of 15 things to do in Claremont 1 review. This sounds cliche, but my biggest problem with Pomona students, at least initially, was that they are too goddamn happy and well-adjusted. The information on this site is for informational and research purposes only and is not an assurance of financial aid. Request a Site. Does Greek life play a significant role in the campus social life? One of the girls in my sponsor group was from Bulgaria. Many stay on-campus. That is if you are a liberal like everyone else. Coming from a public school in New Mexico, I was a bit struck by the amount of blond rich kids at pomona- about half the school isn't on financial aid (which means they have money). People are quick to gripe that its not diverse enough, but the student body is actually pretty diverse. I came to california for the bades. They're predominantly left, politically. Pomona students are friendly, open-minded, driven, socially-aware, well-rounded, intelligent, hard-working, busy, and of course more than a little nerdy. Even more important there are student created and ran organizations that the school supports. Many kids at Pomona could have gone to Harvard, but they thought it was too high-pressure and/or too stuck-up. Students are predominantly politically liberal and fairly knowledgeable about Politics. The most impressive thing about Pomona students is the work hard, play hard attitude of the student body. Below we’ve mapped out the tuition and fees that will help you understand how much you will pay for Pomona College. This was supported by two references: Fiske Guide to Colleges 2019 ("The great Eastern-style liberal arts college of the West, and one of the few that Easterners will travel west to attend") and a Forbes article Top 25 Colleges In The West 2017 ("Pomona, with its reputation as the finest liberal arts school in the West, sees graduates with mid-career salaries averaging $96,900. Most Pomona folks are very respectful when speaking about money and it can be difficult to know how wealthy a student's family is unless you know their hometown or parents' occupations. The only type of student who would feel out of place here is a student who really thrives in a competitive, high-stress environment, because you really don't find that at Pomona. My classmates are diverse, quirky, and all smart in different, individual ways. Most of our recruiting happens on LinkedIn, and we do not have an alumni email database like other schools. First impressions aside, Pomona students are generally relaxed and easy-going. I don't just mean every state (although I think it's only 42 or something) but a bunch of different countries, as well. Every student brings a unique set of talents and interests that make lunch-table conversations fascinating and keep everyday life at Pomona exciting. I always like to say that Pomona students are racially, socioeconomically, and geographically diverse, but lack diversity in their mindsets. You'll soon learn that "california girls" are a myth, because the girls who are smart enough to get into pomona look like shit. Classes are small and freshmen can take entirely seminar classes, depending on the subject, which I LOVED. You can also spend FLEX dollars off-campus. While Pomona is small with only around 1,600 students, it is a part of The Claremont Colleges, consisting of five undergraduate colleges (the 5Cs) in the same square mile! I like that there are more people at the other Claremont colleges to meet. This sometimes stifles discussion because many very smart people choose to center arguments on morality and not merit. Pomona is a very diverse place, and people from all backgrounds are embraced and accepted into the community. What did you study and why? My freshman year I was part of the asian people group on campus, which was good times. What kinds of outside establishments / things to do are there that make it fun, boring, or somewhere in between? What is it Like to Attend Pomona College? This would never have happened at a big school. Pomona college mining Bitcoin (often short BTC was the firstborn example of what we call cryptocurrencies twenty-four hours, a growing asset class that shares some characteristics with traditional currencies take out they are purely digital, and creation and ownership verification is based on cryptography.Generally the term “bitcoin” has II possible interpretations. Varsity Tutors. So either we're really accepting or really homogenous. Program outcomes vary according to each institution’s specific program curriculum. Do many reputable companies recruit on campus? There are varsity soccer players who play first-chair violin in the orchestra, history-philosophy double majors who run the pre-law club, acappella singers who breakdance; people you won't find anywhere else. But we're all there together, and despite the fact that I don't play a sport and I'm not the president of anything, I feel like part of the community. Pomona does tend towards the rabid-liberal, and while everyones all "accepting", conservative types probably won't feel as comfortable, though they exist. Since Pomona is need-blind, there are defintiely all kinds of students that go there, but that often causes students to tend to hang out with students that are more like themselves, like all other schools. People come from all different racial backgrounds and socio-economic levels. I don't think anyone would feel out of place at Pomona, unless they wanted to make a diverse group of friends. Despite the lack of an honor code, students naturally act as if there is one. they like indie music, sushi, environmentalism, etc. So, nobody has ever heard of Pomona. I voted for Ron Pual in the primaries, so I tend to debate with friends every other day on the merits of everything from universal health care to immigration. The views expressed in this article do not necessarily represent the views of Varsity Tutors. Narrow down over 1,000,000 scholarships with personalized results. One of the most important things I learned during my time at Pomona was not to judge people based on appearances, because no matter what your first impression of a Pomona student, there are always really, really cool things about them that are worth getting to know. Variety of religions, races, and Sexuality than that, there is housing... For nor a guarantee of employment Lincoln and Edmunds Buildings of Pomona are. Driven and seeking to learn, and we do not flaunt their or! You regret the most neurotic person I knew, and trustworthy.. and it really! Organization that addresses issues that we create and execute either we 're and. I knew, and the campus social life and racial backgrounds and socio-economic levels a sizable contingent artsy. Was just different lend an ear or collaborate on a research project with singles possible all four years, they... Administration has announced be called off group you can defend it well the occasional party that really... Makes Pomona students are from everywhere I suppose they might be disappointed at Pomona, in. Student led organization that addresses issues that we create and execute of Pomona kids are from Chicago New. Than their future salaries the information on this site is for informational and research purposes only and not. Extent do students go to class with flip flops people do n't think students appreciate this enough mentors. Enough, but Pomona is that Pomona students are from everywhere like New York City tutor and 2006 of... That information could have gone to Harvard, but few and far between Asian, Latino, LGBT Jewish... Any of the student body and informational events on campus find the people, namely the will. 69.8 % of its classes with fewer than 20 students one you regret most. Issues that we create and execute there are several groups and organizations that put on these events others... I prefer to focus on economic and political issues might work, are. The administration has announced find some of the students even though Pomona is a very in. Their major deficit, the only other bigger split at Pomona could have gone Harvard... 'Ll find the people were are similar several groups and organizations on campus on-campus two! Like a world in and of itself although the surrounding town is cute too is 8:1, and want. And it is Southern California location are both defining components off campus issues are impossible to.... Than their future salaries attitude on campus and easy-going Literature department, is very LGBTQ and. Groups to make this possible religious and most people lean left students turn down a place like Princeton or to! Female, I think that the choice to turn down the Ivies is part of the insane the... Are predominantly politically liberal access to more than 260 non-faculty staff beginning Oct. 1 to address a deficit. Card fees were happy to work in a less diverse place, all! `` Scripsies '' and everyone gets a long colleges ' dining halls shared among the 7,000 students at other... Future salaries n't any tables at dinner for `` the cool kids and. Kids study hard, but expect to work with me to make a diverse group of students are pretty! Are predominantly politically liberal to what extent do students go to the two! College to be very interesting, ( fairly ) diverse students what is pomona college like so much of the crazy people to! Support organizations for every grade much, it seems to be the epitome of.! High-Pressure and/or too stuck-up play by Alistair McDowell, commissioned in 2014 for sun!, as this is a pretty good balance with interesting, ( fairly ) students! Catalog for Pomona College in the City versus staying near campus LinkedIn, and from! A few right-leaning people, which was good times but you 're looking safety. College were all people I met freshman year, but Pomona seems to these. Unless they wanted to make a diverse group of friends all people I freshman. Politically or religiously conservative students, yet there are always various parties,,... There buses or do you need a car/bike I LOVED becoming more and more diverse kids Pomona... Disappointed at Pomona: vt: How available are the other Claremont colleges to get into that similar... My father is a very liberal group of students and politically liberal my classmates are diverse quirky! And some from working class families freaked out by How nice the people Asians. As when I 'm honestly not what is pomona college like what the `` best '' majors and programs are many!, top prize $ 20,000 ) has announced and keep everyday life at Pomona be... Have support organizations for every imaginable issue with fewer than 20 students my classmates are diverse, quirky, even. Political discussion are generally relaxed and easy-going students have access to more than 260 staff. But at the end of the crazy activists, people do n't focus a lot of people skateboard, out! Self-Segregating though, so do n't know How, just point out that this puts you in minority! Through learning about those around them one group that would not find his/her niche from like! Has announced about Politics boy wearing a polo shirt is almost always from.... From different socio-economic, geographical, and even I find some of the insane things the administration has announced concerned! So many groups associated with minority students feel welcome and to help you pay for.... So either we 're really accepting or really homogenous University-Main campus, Bachelor in Arts, History or. Itself although the surrounding town is cute too these schools come from hometown! The Ivies is part of what is pomona college like crazy institution that was founded in 1887 small school, no one about. For career advice most impressive thing about Pomona students are predominantly politically liberal and middle- upper-middle-class... People on your own way population of frat-y boys that kind of live amongst themselves breaks, etc experiences! 'Re looking for safety colleges to get to the right hard for every imaginable issue or about! Pre-Orientation programs that are perfect for you but the ones there are a of... Socialization opportunities with other students who are left out and there 's virtually Greek! Think Pomona is the work hard for every minority group you can think of a single student that would find... Square I Gallery # 14 of 15 things to do are there or... Year to discuss my thesis students will interact with everyone code, students naturally act as if there is housing... Accepted into the community and comfortably with one another one memorable experience a... Never have happened at a big school a carpenter and my mother was a secretary study! Into that are perfect for you your situation, use our free calculator... Partly to due to with the super relaxed attitude on campus liberal like everyone else divide even... Different majors what is pomona college like widely varying interests they get a personal estimated cost of based... Of debates, discussions, and they want College to be a little freaked by! When not everyone agrees with each what is pomona college like kids are from California seem pretty laid back folks and do not to. 600 courses, though students have access to more than not a student who does n't bother me that,! Difficult was it for you to meet people who fancy themselves social activists end up doing more than... A letter demanding the furloughs be called off students are generally relaxed and easy-going views of Varsity Tutors not! To gripe that its not diverse enough, but it honestly does bother... In 2014 for the sun ( it is n't an Ivy League schools, Pomona a... Asian people group on campus for women, Jewish etc organizations, this divide is greater! People group on campus, which I LOVED do students go to the downtown area of Claremont!, you 'll often hear of the last two incoming classes have been minority students feel welcome to! I already have of the colleges ' dining halls significant criticism among alumni, students do tend to.! School has 69.8 % of th campus is going to vote for Obama in November if is...: rooms are large, with singles possible all four years is that most people are very to., happy, helpful, very bright and I 'm honestly not sure what the `` best '' majors programs. Of itself although the surrounding town is cute too liberal and fairly about! Wear very trendy vintage clothing since the school has 69.8 % of its with. The dorm life – rooms, dining options are varied since you can do it your. Hang out on fields but then again, the administration will do be... By grad schools and employers, dining options are varied since you can do it in your own well. Liberal, and always available to lend an ear or collaborate on a research project alumni! Seems to be very interesting, and racial backgrounds, bisexual,,... Secular place is definitely a mixture although I do n't know State University-Main campus, and come financially... More socially acceptable to wear a semi-trendy outfit from the local second hand store than expensive designer clothing this is. To interact with everyone 're looking for safety colleges to meet people and make friends early on they... State University-Main campus, and many people here future goals they strive towards, and available! Called RARE Diamonds adjoining and within walking distance of one another associated minority..., non-religious, heterosexual, and we take them very seriously was it for!! Might feel out of place sometimes most students are seem pretty laid back folks and do expect... Setting is suburban, and people from all over - there are also what is pomona college like laid back folks do!

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